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Sheep and Garland Phrase Plates


Our Sheep and Garland Phrase Plates are made of wood and measure 11.25" Diameter. They come 3 Assorted, one with a burgundy rim with a floral design, one with a green/gray rim with a floral design, and one with a tan rim featuring primitive sheep, berry vines and stars. All three have a black painted middle with a different inspiring phrase printed on each. The phrases are as follows: 

Burgundy Rimmed Plate:
May God give you... for every
storm a rainbow, for every tear
a smile, for every care a promise, and a 
blessing in each trial.

Green/Gray rimmed plate:
Always life for today because 
you never know what tomorrow 
may bring or what it may take away.

Tan Rimmed plate:
Don't ask God to make your life easier... 
ask Him to make you a stronger person.