Grandparents Doll


The Grandma Nellie Doll is a primitive woman doll that looks like a classic vintage grandma. She is wearing black wire glasses, an off white dress with pink stars and a lighter pink collar, and has curly grey yarn hair. Pinned to her dress is a tag printed with the name Nellie, and she's carrying a ball of yarn with a a tapestry needle held in it. This doll was designed by Kitty Johnson and measures 17" high by 5" wide and 2" deep.

The Grandpa Martin Doll is a primitive man doll that looks like the classic vintage grandpa. He has white cotton hair on the sides of his bald head, his eyebrows, and mustache. He wears a simple striped shirt, a thick fluffy scarf, and denim colored fabric pants. There are thin wire glasses on his face and a tag pinned to his scarf that reads Martin and he carries a yellowed newspaper. The Grandpa Martin doll is weighted so he can sit up on his own on a shelf or in a chair. This doll was designed by Kitty Johnson and measures 16" high by 4.5" wide and 2" deep.

sold by the Hearthside Collection 9/11