It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Farm Animal Winter Plate


The Farm Animal Winter Plate is an assortment of three decorative wooden plates that have been painted grey and white with dot snowflakes and hand painted illustrations of farm animals and winter accents. The first plate features a sheep that is wearing a Santa hat and red scarf with a stack of presents on its back that read "JOY," "LOVE," or "PEACE." The second plate features a chicken pulling a wagon that is hauling a snowy pine tree. The wagon reads "FARM FRESH" in white lettering. The third plate features a pig wearing a green stocking hat, a green, white, and red scarf, and cardinals are perching on its head. The pig is standing on a red sled that reads "Sleigh all day." The plates were designed by Dianna Swartz and measure 9.75" in diameter by 0.75" deep.

Material: Wood
Designer: Dianna Swartz
"JOY" "LOVE" and "PEACE"
"Sleigh all day"
Dimensions: 9.75" Dia. x 0.75" Dp. 

Sold by The Hearthside Collection 9/7