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Burgundy Tan Jute Stencil Stars Table Top Collection

The Burgundy Tan Jute Runner Stencil Stars highlights alternating braids of burgundy and tan surrounding five burgundy stenciled 5 point stars.


  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: with over two decades experience crafting goods for American homes, our items are built to last for years to come.
  • PRIMITIVE DECOR: traditional style that compliments any primitive or Americana home.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: made with durable 100% jute for a proper look and feel.
  • Alternating braids of burgundy and tan
  • Five burgundy stenciled 5-point stars in center
  • Braided: Machine braided, Machine stitched


  • Material: 100% Jute
  • Colors: Burgundy, Natural
  • Manufacturer Country: India
  • Care: Spot Clean
  • Sold by VHC Brands; Updated 9/23